Shirley Goulden: Author, Editor, & Former Co-founder, Director & General Secretary of Real Div Lifestyles

Copyrights (c) 1943-2012 by Gavin Embry

Shirley Goulden Copyright (c) 2000 by Gavin Embry

Shirley Goulden (referred to as "Shirltiti") wrote 36 children's books: 1) four English originals, & 2) 32 famousforeign-language books, retold in English. Also,  all especially edited, for children to love to learn to read &  love to read. 

Shirl* recently wrote four additional books, for grown-ups (ie 40 in all), & launched  Gavin Embry [GE]  (as G. Haven d'Amaury III [GHA]) writes several more books on science and Artificial Intelligence [AI].  GHA writings are specially based on:  Shirl & GE's common views of the changed roles of women, Children's Power (& Experimental Robots [XR]). 

Shirl & GE, dealing with homo sapien sapiens [hss], they meant them to be improved, extended & merged with XR (XR re-classified as [HR]): Altogether, merged with hss, then known as  HSS.

Shirl & GE originated HSS: becoming equalificated as Space Migrants. After 3263ad,  50k/year HSS shall migrate to (at least) 1k Ex0Earths (n) [(up-to "n = M")]: Colonizing much of the Milky Way Galaxy, over the next 1k years, producing (eventually) trillions of trillions of HSS

These books are published by G&S d'Amaury Direct. First as Children's Power eBooks [CPB], then (sets of) printed books, eBooks & Audio Books [CPBS]. All their CPB, will be translated into up-to 10 foreign languages, as well. Especially to reach children & adults Worldwide, in the newly (& eventually) available eBook & Audio Book media. 

* Shirl re-named Shirltiti (ex post facto), after Nefertiti.